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Company registration in Bahrain

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Company registration in Bahrain

You’ve determined to begin your company in Bahrain; initially you’ve got required to pick out a corporation name so guarantee your address that was required for your company registration in Bahrain. when then workplace, share holding formalities, incorporation certificate and another business license from local/ alternative government organs. Currently it is time to make your mind up however you’ll register and brace oneself for company registration in Bahrain. What’s the most effective, most viable choice for your company, your product, and yourself? That is that the path of least resistance? Company registration in Bahrain, foreign firms could solely conduct a business when it’s authorized by the Ministry of trade and Commerce (MOIC). Company registration in Bahrain boasts many free zones that provide 100 percent foreign possession, zero customs duties and government rebates ashore and electricity. a remote company registration in Bahrain will register a branch to invoice customers, sign native sales contacts and receive financial gain from native customers.

With company registration in Bahrain we tend to mention some requirements:

Limited Liability Company

The most widespread sort of company for foreign investors, the business should have between 2 and fifty shareholders and also the shares don’t seem to be on the market for public purchase. it’s value noting that a minimum of one investor should be Bahrain and also the shareholdings by Bahrainis should not be but fifty one. As in alternative countries, the shareholders square measure solely accountable for the capital of the business, though liability firms don’t seem to be permissible to interact in banking, insurance or brokerage activities

Branch workplace

Branch workplace firms square measure businesses that square measure established outside Bahrain and square measure permissible to open branches or offices within the country, on the condition of approval from the Minister of Commerce and Agriculture and a neighborhood sponsor is appointed. The sponsor should be a Bahraini businessperson. However, the branch workplaces square measure exempted from the need of a Bahraini sponsor if the workplace uses Bahrain as a regional center or a representative office for his or her activities.


Partnerships in Bahrain constitute 3 broad classes. Partnerships restricted by Shares: this can be a partnership created from least one general partner and a minimum of 10 shareholders. the final partners take responsibility for the business and square measure vulnerable to the company’s debts and commitments to the extent of their own assets. The restricted partner isn’t permissible to participate within the running of the business or they risk liability within the same means because the general partner.

Limited Partnership: A restricted partnership needs one general partner and one restricted partner. Like a company, the partners square measure solely vulnerable to the number of capital invested with within the business. The restricted partner might not participate within the management of the business, because they risk identical liability as the general partner. The final partner should be Bahrain and Bahraini investors should own a minimum of fifty one capital.

General Partnership: though foreign investors will participate within the partnerships, Bahrainis should own fifty one of the business. The liability of the partnership is unlimited to all or any shareholders.

Single Person firms

This is wherever one person will originated a business and also the liability is proscribed to the capital invested with. The minimum capital needed to begin the business is fifty,000 baccalaureate and single person firms square measure prohibited from commercialism in insurance or banking and investment.

Joint Stock Company (closed)

A joint stock company is wherever all of the shareholders within the business square measure vulnerable to company debts to the extent of their investment within the venture. A closed joint stock company will be entirely foreign owned and doesn’t need Bahraini investors. to determine this sort of company needs permission from the Ministry of Commerce supported by associate degree emeer decree. There should be seven innovation members World Health Organization own between seven and 2 hundredth of the holdings.

Joint Stock Company (open)

The same as a closed joint stock company, except that fifty one p.c of the shares got to be owned by Bahraini nationals. Each varieties of business need a permanent workplace in Bahrain. Associate degree open joint stock company will have a board of administrators of 3 to 12 members, appointive  for a amount of 3 years. The bulk of the administrators should be Bahraini and should reside within the country. Additionally, Bahrainis square measure solely permissible to sell their shares to alternative Bahraini voters.


Licensing in Bahrain is that the permission for somebody else to use your belongings rights: either a patent, trademark, secret, or copyright. Differing kinds of license include:

Non-Exclusive License – A non-exclusive license implies that your belongings rights will be awarded to quite one retailer.

Exclusive License – slightly additional complicated as a result of, though the license might not be exclusive to 1 retailer, it should be exclusive to a geographic location, a precise product, or restricted space of use. as an example, you’ll grant a retailer exclusive use of the rights in France, however grant another retailer its use in European nation.

Patent License in Bahrain – the allowance of another party to use your proprietary product style or method.

Trademark License in Bahrain – Trademark licensing suggests that permission is awarded to a retailer to sell a product or service. However, the licensor retains additional management so as to make sure that quality is maintained. Internal control is in situ to uphold the image of the whole / product / service / licensor, and so sustain client confidence and satisfaction.

Foreign countries could solely conduct a business when it’s authorized by the Ministry of trade and Commerce (MOIC). Following company registration the Ministry of trade and Commerce (MOIC) don’t allow 2 completely different classified business activities beneath one license e.g. medical and academic service.

The financial institution of Bahrain (CBB) is answerable for the licensing, management and regulation of the money sector in accordance with international standards. Some business activities, however, want a license or approval by one or further Government Authorities before getting the industrial registration. In such cases, the Ministry of trade &amp; Commerce could exclusively grant a Cr once the capitalist meets all licensing and approval needs set forth by the relevant authorities for the method of company registration in Bahrain.

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